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It is the greatest compliment to receive a referral! Thank you!

Thank you for Referrals

Please print, fill out and fax this form to secure fax number 833 799 3331

You may also like to print this one-page flier and provide it to your patient so they have a little information about what to expect from me

Does my patient need a Dietitian?

Sometimes it's very clear that a Dietitian's help is appropriate - for example, medicall issues such as diabetes, GI disorders, chewing/swallowing difficulties, unplanned weight changes, etc.  Sometimes it's not so clear.  This small mini-assessment tool may help you figure out when to refer to an RD.....Modified SCOFF

Insurance Coverage

I am an in-network provider with BCBS, United/UHC and Medicare.  For all other insurances, I provide a superbill for patients to submit to their insurance provider.  As a qualified health expense, typically Dietitian appointments are covered by FSA/HSA accounts.

Let's Work Together

I look forward to working together to take care of your patients with compassion and understanding, and to build their confidence in their food choices.  Nutrition counseling is often covered by the Preventative Care benefits on your patients insurance!  Let's get them the care they need!

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