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Elizabeth Stasny

Elizabeth Stasny

Deeply Invested in Your Success

Food is a love language in and of itself; to ourselves and to those we love.  Taking care of people through food is my greatest joy. It is my ministry. 

My journey into dietetics started with my own struggle to free myself from a chronic diet/binge/restrict cycle.  I know the feelings of guilt and pain associated with an inability  to meet the impossible targets I set for myself.

My mission is to free you from the need to "eat perfectly", the need to control, restrict, resist and eliminate "bad" foods. Being an Anti-diet Dietitian means rejecting diet-mentality and the multi-billion dollar diet industry that promises you'll be happy if only you weighed less or "eat right".  The guilt you feel "that if you only ate right, you wouldn't be sick".

 There is no one way to "eat right".  There is no "correct number of calories".  And sometimes when we're ill, we need to reorient our goals towards that which will keep us fueled and thriving and healing.  Compassionately and gently, it is absolutely possible to find a nutrition plan that works for you, based on your preferences and abilities.  Nutrition you can LIVE with.

My patients become my family; nothing makes me happier than connecting with you.

Together we will work to honor your body, honor your health and make peace with food.

About Me: About Me
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