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Food Knolling
Nutrition Planning and Counseling


Are you dealing with an irritating medical issue that you wish would settle down?  Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, IBS, gout, anemia, osteoporosis, renal disease, pancreatitis, etc?  Or maybe a weird lab result that won't go away like a Vitamin D deficiency or low B12?  Or perhaps unwanted weight gain or loss, new GI issues or hormonal issues like PCOS or menopause?  You don't have to struggle with this alone!  Let's chat about the science-based incremental changes you could make to improve your health, while also considering your specific food preferences.  No diets here - just realistic goals that work for you and help you honor your health and make peace with food.


For both patients and caregivers, let's chat about maintaining nutritional adequacy and functional independence during progressive illness such as dementia, muscular dystrophy, GI disorders, post-stroke, Parkinson's disease, ALS, head and neck cancer and autoimmune disease.

Sometimes this work includes developing common goals (it's not uncommon for patient and caregiver to be on different pages!).  Often it means discussions regarding use of altered texture diets (pureed, etc), and possibly tube feedings.  Drawing on years of knowledge in nutrition science, psychology and physiology, I will walk alongside you as we navigate these challenges together.


Do you struggle to figure out the "best" or "right" way to eat with all the different information about diets out there?  Is it keto, intermittent fasting, Mediterranean, high protein, high fat, low carb....what is the right answer??????  I deeply relate!  It's confusing!  What if you could learn to confidently nourish and nurture your own unique body gently, and without punishing it?  What if you could learn to enjoy your favorite activities again, instead of fretting about what you look like?  Let's work together on this!

Due to licensing requirements, I am currently able to offer telehealth appointments to those in the following states only: Texas, New York, Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Wisconsin, Colorado and California.

In-person appointments are available for those in the North-Dallas Area (Denton, Dallas and Collin counties) at my office in Flower Mound.  


Insurances Accepted:

  • BCBS

  • Anthem

  • United / UHC

  • UMR

  • Medicare - Please note, Medicare ONLY pays for Dietitian visits related to diabetes or kidney disease.  Other diagnoses will be cash pay visits.

  • Clover Health 

For instructions on how to check your insurance coverage, click here

Cash Fees (payment at time of service):

Initial Visit (55min) - $165

Follow Up (40min)- $105

  • Secure payment at time of service

  • HSA-eligible

  • Super-bill provided for you to file with your insurance (BCBS, UHC and Medicare filed on your behalf)

An Interview with Kris Wise

Here's a little more information about what it's like to work together!

Group Discussion

Presentations offered

  • Maintaining Health and Independence with Dementia

  • Nutrition for Gout

  • Nutrition for Heart Disease

  • Altered Texture Diets

  • Adjusting to Home Tube Feedings


Speaking Fee: $250 (online)

Please contact me directly for arrangements and fees for in-person engagements

Services: Services
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