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Would you like to...

  • ...Enjoy your favorite activities without constantly worrying about what you look like?

  • ...Learn how to nourish your body in alignment with your own individual values, WITHOUT guilt or shame?

  • ...Work on gentle nutrition and self-compassion?

  • ...Have some great chats in a small and informal group setting about all this and the diet culture that surrounds us?

Introducing the...

Values-Led Nutrition Workshop!

Four week program

  • Week 1: gain insight into your own unique values blueprint                                             

  • Week 2: learn about how to use self compassion and neuroplasticity to retrain your internal messaging!            

  • Week 3: practicing self compassion, create your gentle nutrition plan             

  • Week 4: curate your media and social media experience to support your new body image confidence

Time to learn and practice

Every Monday for 4 weeks, you will receive;

  1. your weekly video (10mins or less)

  2. your weekly worksheet

  3. your invitation to your 1hr long weekly small-group session (5-9 attendees only) with me.

Time to share and grow

  • Small groups will meet either in-person or online, at the same time every week, and will meet with the same group every week. 

  • You will pick the time slot that works for you, when you sign up.

Develop your body image confidence

  • Learn to confidently nourish and nurture your body based on your values, without guilt or shame.  

  • Learn to live IN your body confidently, dial down the body-hate and dial up the joy.

Leverage the Power of Community

Take advantage of weekly informal chats in the small group discussion (limited to 5-9 members only) led by me.  Each week we will chat about our findings via the weekly video and worksheet. If you would like to come along to listen and absorb all the interesting points of view, that's fine too!  These groups are designed to be a wonderful opportunity to learn, share and encourage, in a kind, friendly and safe space.

PRICE $249

***For August 2023 only $175 for the entire 4 week workshop!***


Note: I feel so strongly about this workshop being available to all who may benefit from it.  Therefore, student and equity pricing is $149.  Please email me for access to this pricing option.


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions via my email at

Frequently asked questions

Actually....I'm READY TO SIGN UP!!

OOOO!!! I'm so excited for you!! Let's get started with getting you registered for your preferred session!

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 I would like more information!

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Shaleen, TX

"Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, how to manage health, and adjusting mindset in a positive way. She is a blessing and answer to prayers!"

Cynthia, TX

"thanks for being to ONLY Dietician to actually listen to me and work with me! I know it’s not about the number on the scale, but how I feel!"

AJay, TX

"Elizabeth has helped on numerous occasions on goving me helpful and practical nutrition advoce without me feeling like I am going without or not keeping a fad diet!"
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